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What is Brownfield and Greenfield?

Brownfield is an existing project, Greenfield is when you begin a brand new project


Can I reuse content on different pages or on the same page?

Yes, just use the same Content Name and it will look up the very same content, or pull it from cache

I don't want to have to change my web.config, where is the NuPack support?

I've almost got the NuPacks ready to publish out to the main feed. Just waiting for a few more updates.

Can I use the same content on different sites?

Yes, just use the same connection string for JotCMS and the content will be shared over many sites. Caching will still go with each site.

How does the caching work?

Jot caches heavily and defaults to 720 minutes, which is six hours. You can turn the Cache on and off from the web.config. Only Published Content is ever cached, Draft Content is not.

You have an aspx page inside a MVC app, why not a View and Controller?

One of the design goals was to have Jot be very unobtrusive and not have to start setting up routes, create controllers, create views and embed too far into the application.

I've created a ASP.NET web form app, why am I getting this error looking for the MVC namespace?

In the ASP.Net WebForm application, you need to delete the View Helper file JotContentHelper.cs

I'm using MVC 3 with Razor, how come the JotCMS namespace is not global?

<add namespace="JotCMS" />

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