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JotCMS makes it easy to add a simple, unobtrusive CMS system to your ASP.NET application. No templates or overly complicated implementations.

There are many CMS systems out there, but usually, they are much more complicated and intrusive into your code than you need. Sometimes we want just need a super simple CMS, without having to change our architecture or introduce conventions that we don't want to implement. Jot CMS adds simple CMS to a ASP.NET application.

Don't worry about creating a database table, Jot will create it if it doesn't exist. Don't worry about created records, Jot will created them as you add them.
Jot CMS supports:

1. Embedding rich content within MVC Views with ViewHelpers or inside WebForms using Web User Controls
2. Edit Mode Control
3. WYSWIG editor for content
4. Caching
5. Publish and Draft Mode
6. Add as many Rich Content Areas on the screen
7. Share content between projects by pointing to same database
8. Now supports MVC3 for Razor!

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I'm working to get this into NuPack so you won't have to worry about the config stuff.

Click this link to download a demo solution:

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